After my previous Czechoslovakia approach, I went back to Poland, with the goal to survive with no loss of territory without going Fascist or Communist.

Could be Allies or not, as it would make historically sense, I had no strong opinion about it.

But wouldn’t it be the ultimate recipe for failure, as it was historically? Since I’m French, I know perfectly how the legitimate French governement (“L’Etat français” of Philippe Pétain), recognized as such by the USA, sided with the Axis, with an active collaboration policy ; while the Polish governement was always and only on the Allied side and Poland is, actually, the only defeated country of Europe that never collaborated. I know and thank general Charles de Gaulle for his smart handling of the issue, managing to make of his alternate France libre, in the end, to be recognized as the real France, on the Allied side. I am not saying it was wrong to do so, certainly not.  But no one can comprehend how come Poland, allied country from day 1, after 194Polish-soviet_propaganda_poster_1920_Polish.jpg5 peace conference, completely lost independance. Yalta whatever. The topic is not how and why it went down in matter of geopolitics. Allies did not want to go to war another time, sure. Fact is Allies accepting to submit Poland to USSR is somehow being accomplice of Katyn massacre -that USSR tried to tie to nazis at Nuremberg- or to Red Army strategy during Warsaw Uprising -on purpose, waiting from a safe distance to let nazis stop retreat and deal with the insurgents, until they are all exterminated, allowing mass executions. Allies let USSR took over Poland while USSR views over Poland where plain obvious ; not only for the events already mentioned (Katyn/Warsaw Uprising: all about getting rid of Polish resistance, that would resist to any new invader including USSR) but also since, already in 1939, they went as far as agreing with the nazis about it, Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. It is the past so there is nothing to do about it. It is surely pointless to incriminate Allies now; they did what the they felt best for their own interest and probably felt sorry for all the countries dropped to USSR. But from Poland perspective, one of the only country that fought nazis since day one (obviously partly due to the fact that it was plain that Nazi would destroy Poland and there was nothing to negociate) it can be said that Allies proved to be unreliable friends, even if it is true that Nazi germany required both Allies and USSR to be defeated.

(Note : historical focus is off, less railroad effect)

Playing as Poland, you can expect first Germany to ask to get back Gdansk and later USSR to steal your Eastern half. Loose Gdansk means no sea front. Soon enough, I went to build my own faction, Międzymorze in the spirit of Józef Piłsudski, with Baltic states, while producing as much troops as possible (mainly infantery/mountains troops with 7inf + 2art).

The starting president of Poland will stick as long as I do not change main political power. Since Poland is already customized with a specific tree focus, Paradox, for historical consistency, should have scripted a change Ignacy Mościcki from to Władysław Raczkiewicz. It is quite plain the historical account of Ignacy Mościcki disqualifies him to be kept as leader of an independant Poland, especially by comparison to Władysław Raczkiewicz.

As soon as july 1938, Germany failed to annex diplomatically Austria and went to war against it. Austria was soon defeated but Hungary joined on his side. Winning easily and confident, Germany tried to grab territory from Czechoslovakia. But this one resisted too and Germany, alone, was involved in a second war against Czechoslovakia and France. Germany seemed to be doing ok. Quite a nice opportunity to get rid of Germany – I joined German-Austrian war on Hungary side, by getting Hungary to join Międzymorze.

Being that early, Germany had not much manpower or units by comparison to Poland and Hungary united. Things developed very fast. My troops, joined by the whole faction (Baltic states and also Romania that just got in) cut through german forces easily. Hungary got back territory to the South. Germany crumbled and some Democratic germany riot started. September 1st 1938, Polish troops marched in Berlin:

So peace it was…? No clue, there was no peace conference I was invited, even though Polish troops were instrumental in the victory. No. All territory was given to this newly born democratic Germany.


More work from Paradox: no matter the logic behind, someone that makes a country capitulating should be at the peace conference. Moreover, someone that has troops all over a country would not remove them without any talks. Everything I mentioned in introduction about Yalta make it obvious.

So, basically, at this point I am satisfied because I rid myself of threat #1 but it leaves me with no gain at all. I spent a massive amount of manpower and weapons to obtain not a single factory, not a single resource. The only win in the Międzymorze’s size increase.

What next? Well, a new fascist faction was created by Italy with Bulgaria. Perfect to expand. I justified a cause for war against Bulgaria. And then attacked.

Bulgaria was easily defeated. For Italy, problem was the lack of non-neutral point of contact.

Good thing is that Italy attacked Greece on the way, so Greece joined Międzymorze. After that, I started to move toward democracy, because I could not afford not to be aligned with Allies and Germany, especially since Paradox strange coding of peace conference left me with absolutely no gain from the Austrian-German war.

Time passed. Without contact point, war against Italy went with no actual fights. So I prepared for threat #2, USSR. I started build lot of simple troops (same as before), especially since lacking any resources and factories to build anything fancy.

So in one year, I had 21 divisions more, from 65 divisions in 1940 to 86 in 1941. On the political side, I failed to get Yougoslavia to join my faction but I switched to Democracy and so Germany was ready to join, provided world tension rose a bit.

By october 1941, Germany joined Międzymorze so war in Italy restarted:


Unfortunately, Allies being at war with Italy too, their troops were better positioned and took Italian territory before ours. And, obviously, USSR claimed half of Poland.


By then, I had 127 divisions, all decently trained, but still of very primitive design. By the end of december, USSR attacked. Situation seemed almost balanced on the front.20180217192859_1.jpg

It was in for a long war. Japan took the oppornity to attack USSR from the East while Italy was finally defeated.

America kept neutral. Combat were not in Międzymorze favor but we were not being trashed. As, like in my previous game, UK attacked all scandivian democracies to submit them. I wonder if Paradox did not pushed it with so low restrictions to allow this. It is not as if these countries (Sverige, Norge then Danmark) were about to switch to anything but democracy.

Good news that some autonomist in UK colonies went Communist. So Allies went to war against USSR too.

USSR being then at war against Międzymorze, Japand and Allies, it seemed overwhelmed. Polish troops were now cutting through USSR defenses. And Italy joined Międzymorze.

Progress in the West… and in the East.

In 1943, I started to look forward the Poland can into space achievement, searching for experimental rockets.

Unsurprisingly, war against USSR, on such a large front, took a while.20180218085955_1.jpg

… Still fighting in 1945…


I was over after the fall of Moscow to Polish troops.

And once again a peace conference with odd results. But this time, at least I was invited. As you can see on the screen Rossija and Sverige should be puppet to Germany. Germany was very useful during this war – though I made less casualties but had better airplanes (Poland almost had none – really no way to waste resources in planes). I was satisfied. Rossija as puppet of someone of my faction would be good. On my side, I got Ukraine and Belarus to be liberate as free country. I tried to avoid giving cause to Allies to go after me.

More work for Paradox. Rossija not only is not puppet to Germany but hate me because I took… two areas after a war that killed millions of my soldiers. And Sverigue is neither puppet to Germany and goes in Allies faction out of hate for the winners of war. And, best of all, Ukraine and Belarus are now free… Communist countries, exactly the political entity I fought during the war. On what planet a peace conference would lead to such result, completely opposite to the interest of the winners?

If you sum up, the whole game is rigged. I was not able to get any benefit for defeating Germany. Germany was after war a free country so Germany was able to join my faction even though another faction decided her destiny at a peace conference. Now we defeat USSR and turns out it only makes our faction weaker.

Crusader King II is not perfect (Each titles should always being either own as liege or with hommage. And rules that applies should be the ones of the liege) but this is really bullshit. It does not even  looks like design choice, it just seems after logical.

Poland_Can_Into_Space.jpg Anyway, by July 14th 1945, Poland Can Into Space achievement (finish all Rocket Technologies as Poland) was done.

And not by the cheesy approached suggested on the wiki (Give into German and Soviet demands for territory. Stay out of WWII. Stay on speed 5 the whole time. Research rockets).


You want to laugh even more at Paradox good design of peace conference? A few month later after defeating USSR, Rossija is justifying a war against me. No one even now on what planed I would have left such a dangerous country with armies and weapons after a 4 years long war that took millions of lives.


One year later, Rossija, still, start an offensive war on Iran that I guaranteed. I left Iran to get kicked because I was sure I would lead to some bullshit with alliances. Good. The next day, Rossija joined Allied. Yeah, once again, I beat USSR to leave in place an entity as dangerous, as aggressive and allied to another faction that surrounds me. Perfectly makes sense, good design! And it can clearly wage aggressive wars and join the Allies, no world tension issue here.

Good that I avoided war, since some of the countries in my faction changed their hairdresser and left:

Game was almost over, lacking a major war at the end of 1948…

So here came the scoreboard….

Poland that kicked both Germany and USSR, marching in Berlin and Moscow…, head of the one of the two winning factions? Nowhere to be seen.


No. The first on the score is Rossija. The one that has just been defeated. Apparently everyone felt it should go out of the war with all his factories, weapons and troops. Please Paradox, handle all this crap before any further DLC.