I started using standing desk since more than a year now, a few month after reading an article about it.

I wanted to give it try: which meant I was not prepared to spend cash to get a specific desk that might be useless soon enough.

Moreover, why would I need something complicate? I’m using computers since decades and found, over years, what matter most are:

  • the position of the screen by comparison to the head: alignment of the top 1/3 of the screen to the eye level ;
  • the position of the elbow to some sort of 90° angle that allow hands to rest on the desk while typing/moving the mouse.

This does not require specific hardware, just the ability to set the height of planks as desired.

Now, a new article on the site I got the idea from promotes some circa $1000 standing desk.


Here’s mine, less than 100 €, simple kit shelves based along with a proper mat. It is not adjustable on the fly but my height is quite stable since around 20 years so I manage ok. The foam roller in a bonus to relax the foot on the fly.

(the picture is blurry/ugly but I considered it was ok privacy-wise)

With this simple cheap set, I can follow the magic principles (eyes/screen height, elbow angle and resting hands) with no effort. And I enjoy the desk which I use somedays for a considerable amount of hours.