This fifth attempt, I got down to 60 days – despite bad timing on several occasions. If you compare with the 4th journey, I already lost a few days even before reaching Saint-Petersburg (route not known soon enough, etc). Much later, on my arrival in Reykjavik, on the 53th, I was short £20 to take an immediate two/three day flight to London and had to go to bank and wait for another flight. All these small mishaps could actually amount to 10 days easily.

Untitled.png (a color for each 4 days leg)

DAY 60 — “Arrived in London at 11:00 AM”

DAY 58 — “Departed for London”, “Left early on the “Silver Seal””

DAY 58 — “Collected £700 from the bank in Reykjavik”

DAY 54 — “Slept rough in Reykjavik”

DAY 53 — “Arrived in Reykjavik at 9:00 AM”

DAY 51 — “Departed for Reykjavik”, “No bags allowed!”

DAY 50 — “Arrived in New York at 4:00 PM”

DAY 43 — “Departed for New York”, “Departed early on the Transcontinental Express”

DAY 43 — “Departed for San Francisco”, “Arrived in San Francisco at 2:00 PM”

DAY 41 — “Arrived in Gastown”

DAY 40 — “Departed for Gastown”

DAY 39 — “A Council at the top of the world!”

DAY 37 — “Arrived in The North Pole at 4:00 PM”

DAY 27 — “Disaster has struck and we are doomed…”

DAY 13 — “To the Pole!”, “Departed for The North

DAY 12 — “Arrived in Smeerenburg at 10:00 AM”

DAY 8 — “Departed for Smeerenburg”

DAY 6 — “Departed for St Petersburg”, “Arrived in St Petersburg at 5:00 PM”

DAY 4 — “Departed for Stockholm”, “Arrived in Stockholm at 6:00 PM”

DAY 2 — “Departed for Kristiania”, “Arrived in Kristiania at 5:00 PM”