I considered posting an article about Fallout 4 but it has already a tremendously media coverage. Enthuastic or not that much, both sides are probably right: the user interface is a mess, it is buggy, it is not visually astonishing (it’s nothing in comparison to The Witcher 3), still the game is enjoyable and I’m playing all the time these days. I could even compare it to Mad Max, featured here the other day, but truth is after Fallout 4 release, Mad Max just looks like some predictable (pleonasm) Assassin Creed.

So let’s talk about Elementary, instead, what I’m watching when I’m not playing Fallout 4. That’s a modern pick on Sherlock Holmes – yeah, a lot about Holmes these days. By nature, such contemporary adaptations are risky. For the record, I never managed to watch a full episode of BBC’s Sherlock; it simply bored me (maybe I should try once again, maybe the time was not right), I’d rather watch Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes even though they are mostly action-based than deduction-based, which is odd.

Anyway, I was immediately seduced by Elementary, despite the set. What about the set? Well, John Watson is now Joan Watson, an asian woman. WTF, would you say. Is it some sort of contemporary political correctness bullshit? But it actually works like a charm.

It has surely to do with how properly dialogs and stories are written, which definitely matters for this kind of series. Let’s say it once again: the dialogs are smart, the stories are in the spirit of Conan Doyle. So you cannot consider that this whole John Watson being an asian woman approach being just about giving the people some mind-satisfying odd melting-pot. It is not forced into the story (unlike Inglourious Basterds black character in the middle of Paris during WWII) but plausible and opening the door to further developments. Not bad at all.

What surely helps, also, is the performance of Jonny Lee Miller, enacting Sherlock. He really sounds Holmes to my ear, much more than Benedict Cumberbatch enacting the same character in BBC’s Sherlock. It is probably a shame that American CBS gets a better Sherlock Holmes than the BBC, if you ask me. Miller playing styles reminds me of Tim Roth in Lie to Me. In addition, minor roles are also often quite enjoyable. For instance Vinnie Jones makes a great Sebastian Moran. Rhys Ifan is not bad as Mycroft either.

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