Long time since you played Portal or even Portal 2?

Portal started, as far as I remember, as demo game to show the  features of Source, the Half-Life² engine. It requires some thinking to envision a board game derived from a game mostly based on degenerated physics. But they, Cryptozoic Entertainment, managed to do it. First impression: worth it!


As advertised, it is totally non-coop. In this game, each player put its (colored) test subjects on the board. The board constituting chambers changes over time, as the chambers in the video game. Some (colored) cake slices are thrown on the board. The game ends when one player has no test subject alive anymore, then we count the cake slices (per color/player) on the board.

So is the game is about collecting cakes slices? Is the game about throwing the opponents cake slices to the incinerator?

Truth is, according to my research (it is science, you know), the cake is a lie there too. Out of two games so far, it was about either choosing the right moment to kill the opponent test subjects or the right moment to kill our own test subjects. I used to want you dead. Still.