Since years, I believe the proprietary software model development is broken. The fact that games can be obtained easily over the net sweaten a bit the deal. But it’s fundamentally non-working. Paying for artistic works (images, sounds, story) is fine. Paying for the code to be actually developed is fine. But depending completely on one company to give proper support afterwards, because only one company can actually legally provide support, it is fucked up. Random picks:

I wrote to Sega support about a bug in Total War: Rome 2 not addressed in 2 years (Reinforcement from a coop player not working). Their support was like a hotline from any random company (shoe wholesale, whatever), with scripted replies. They asked for DxDiag results. Ok, that is completely unrelated to the bug at hand – which cannot be hardware/driver related. Whatever. With these, then, they asked me to update some sound driver. Completely off-topic – it is really not a crash we were talking about. Not to mention the device they mentioned is actually unused during gameplay, since I’m using the soundcard that comes with my headset to play. Then they asked to clean steam cache, check for file integrity. Whatever. Then, they wrote:

Dear customer,

Thank you for sending the information.

Please delete the Rome 2 file you will find at the following location:

– Windows Vista or Windows 7:

C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Rome2

That was the most hilarious part. They actually suggest that I remove my savegames – that would be so convenient to actually then reproduce the bug without the incriminated savegame. I reply them that I think it is time for them to actually reproduce the bug, mark it as confirm, assign someone to fix it, then check the fix, then release a patch. What would any average software developer would, or should do. I got no reply. Basically: bug not fixed in two years despite numerous reports; not a single attempt to actually reproduce the bug (that can be easily done with the provided savegame). Way to triage bug! Some people would say: useless bunch of amateurs.

Less annoying, but annoyingly coming from a company with a better rep, Telltale decided, for at least two recent games (A Game of Thrones, Tales from the Bordelands) not to provide cloud support for savegames. It was in previous games (TWD and I think The Wolf Among Us). You got the picture, I had to reinstall the system to play these, I obviously lost the savegames. With no serious hope, I wrote to their support to ask to implement cloud save and, since the game allows already to start at whatever episode with random choices,  also to make possible to select past choices as alternative to making them random. Their unimaginative reply was:

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Your save data would have been stored in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Telltale Games\. If you backed up this folder before reinstalling Windows, or if your old files were moved into C:\Windows.old during reinstalling, then you can copy your Tales from the Borderlands folder back into C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Telltale Games\.

Unfortunately, if you did not back up your folders, your saves would have been lost, and we do not support cloud saving or rebuilding saves for this game at this time. Again, I apologize for the difficulties this may cause.

Yeah. To sum up, had I not needed their support, I would not have needed their support. Makes sense. Tiens, tu vois, si j’avais eu du lard, j’t’aurais fait une omelette au lard. Malheureusement, j’ai pas d’oeufs ! But is that really support per se?

Same style of issue, GOG depends from CD Projekt, The Witcher series are from CD Projekt, though, if you get The Witcher 3 from Steam, you cannot register it on GOG. But you can register on GOG The Witcher 2 that you got from Steam, so it’s not some completely extravagant. And if you want to play the Witcher 3 extension, you need to get it from the same provider. I asked them to consider doing for The Witcher 3 like they do for The Witcher 2. That would be in their interest – since many players that got it on anywhere but GOG could then decide to give them direct benefit when buying extensions. But no. They replied, like Telltale, that it is not possible to do so. I think I knew that already. Great. You ask them to make something possible, but you just get a won’t fix reply not even branded as such.

Please, consider voting on gog so we can activate already owned (e. g. on Steam) games on GOG. And don’t miss on this thread the smart comments of some people like “Learn to live with your choices, and stop trying to take the easy way” (why, exactly, wouldn’t we get the easy way?), “I think this won’t be possible. Especially because GOG won’t earn any money with it” (what does it changes, exactly, especially when we talk about CD Projekt games?); it looks like people still think duplicating 0 and 1 is hard expensive work.