I just finished reading Pour l’Honneur et pour la Croix, french translation of Krzyżacy, so it only made sense to try the Europa Universalis “Baltic Crusader” achievement. This one requires you, as Teutonic Order, to invade and convert to christian all provinces of Russian area.

In 1448, I allied Austria and included every of my provinces in the Empire. I was attacked by Poland in 1453 – and that war was won, in 1456, only thanks to the support of Austria defending the Empire and his Hungarian ally.


In 1465, being 140% ahead of time military technology wise, I started “Defensive Ideas” as first idea group. Later, I picked “Religious Ideas” – so far I was not even able to convert Gardinas/Garten won over Lituania. So far I was ok, making lot of cash, keeping all forts mothballed and army with 10% maintainance when at peace.

Seems that no progress could be made to the east without attacking a big alliance group. So instead, I beat Pommerania as soon as I seen it involved in wars.

2015-10-22_00007 Mazovia was left without ally after a war against Poland. I got mission to vassalize it, which I did. Immediately, it asked to be a March. As vassal, it gave me only 0,10 ducats per month. With no intention to expand south near my allies Saxony/Austria/Hungary., it made sense.


No making progress East, I completely annexed Pommerania, cut to pieces Brandebourg and took the opportunity to make a March of Silesia.

What next? I actually see Poland and Lituania get separated, the first being allied to Sweden, the second to Novgorod and Bohemia. I thought it was the perfect time to hit. I had around 1500 ducats, getting 15 ducats per month in peacetime, 10 with army to 100%, big army stack and being allied to powerful Austria, Hungary and Saxony. And I forgot the basic rule: dont attack someone big if he’s not already at war. So I attacked Lituania. And then Poland thought it was a good time to start its own war. With my cash and armies, I managed to survive both these war, up to the point that every part involved got out of it with a white peace. Every part : Poland, Hungary, Swedes, Novgorod, Austria, Saxony, all but Lituania. And then Lituania spammed me with horrible peace offers, making me getting -1 stability each time, to the point that I actually ended up loosing two provinces. Gosh. I feel like I’m back to square 1!