Did I ever tell that I’m not fan of horror-based-whatever? Why would I enjoy putting myself into a serious disconfort? I did not like Doom 3 because it was all that: crap appearing behind your back to suscitate sudden fear, nothing more.

There are games somehow horror-related that I enjoyed nontheless – fear was a part of them but not the only content. Alan Wake is a good example. The gameplay is both and innovating, thriller story is captivating, fear is the beat of the game and not its essence.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is made in a similar fashion. You can be frigthened/surprised a bit but since your character is already dead (I dont think I spoiled much here, it happens as soon as the game starts) you don’t feel you risk too much. The story is quite conventional but quite solid. Graphics are clean. Ambiance (sounds, visuals) well set. While non-essential, I’d almost recommend playing it. Unless you have to pay it’s full price. Because the gameplay is a clunky as a console-designed game usually is. Because it’s buggish: I had my share of issues (unexpected framerate drop, sound out of sync with image during cutscenes, etc) that could not be fixed, enough for me to look on the support pages to find many similar reports. Because of very backward design in some regards (cutscene prerendered and in low quality, forced advertisement videos on game startup not even letting the game load on background, etc). 30€ is too much for a play-once buggy but otherwise fine adventure.

Silver moon silhouette, In due time you will forget