I read in PC Gamer the following description of the Razer BlackWidow gaming keyboard:

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate: Razer premium keyboard is a nice full-sized board with extremely clacky keys, but doesn’t offer much for ergonomic support. It’s also premium priced, at $130, and includes no dedicated media keys. It’s a well-loved board, however, and could make a great option if you don’t like the K70.

Fact is I bought a BlackWidow (not ultimate) in august 2012 and this one got the spacebar broken last august, two years later. They talk here about the Ultimate version but this one apparently only really bring cosmetics in the mix (backlight, extra USB, i/o for headset).  For a keyboard of this price range, it’s quite unexpected. And looking at how it actually broke, I’m surprised in did not happen earlier: however essential as the spacebar key can be, it is only held by very tiny bits of plastic. I won’t buy any other hardware from this brand. I like your stimulation, but that aint enough.

(Note: the placement of macro keys to the left of the keyboard is also quite a nuisance, forcing you to look at the keyboard to get familiar with it’s otherwise standard layout)