Solid cast they have for Gotham, a new TV series being sort of prequel to Batman. The first episode is promising.

The following is disturbing though:


Not to spoil it for you, but Gordon’s partner gunned this Pepper down:


That was in defense of Gordon: Pepper was utterly destroying him to resist arrest. So Gordon feels that he’s as much involved in the killing:


But then they’re led to reconsider the motive for the arrest in first place. He was suspected of having committed brutal murder but they learned that he actually may just have been framed. They are suddenly thinking they’ll “loose their jobs” is the arrest was on erroneous grounds, since he was “innocent”:


How come? Did they sentenced Pepper to death and executed him because they thought he committed murder or did they only kill him because he was a direct and immediate threat to Gordon’s life? It’s obviously the later and whether Pepper was guilty of the murder leading to his arrest, however sad it is, is actually completely irrelevant. Any detective, as Gordon, would get that.

A good actors cast is good but scenario matter nonetheless.