It’s hard to avoid cameras handled by individuals these days, is it not? Seems to me that Orwell got it wrong by large, mass surveillance is not the work of a Big Brother at all.

David Ayer and Wojciech Smarzowsky both made a movie out of that fact. Both are showing coppers at work: in End of Watch,  you got Los Angeles Police Departement street cops going on patrol with action cameras; in Drogówka, “Traffic Departement”, you got Polish traffic cops getting taped or taping with smartphones.


Both movies share this aspect of stolen footage. But, obviously, they depict something a bit different: different places, different concerns. The first is more about gangs, the second about corruption.


I’d point out that End of Watch main plot, unlike Drogówka’s, stops to make any sense at some point, loosing completely touch with plausible reality.  But that’s not exactly what matters. What matters more is the behaviors and relationship both movies describes. And both are worth being watched in this regard. Not to mention that they both have very entertaining action scenes.

The left newspapers might whine a bit, But the guys at the station they dont give a shit, Dispatch calls are you doin something wicked? No siree, jack, were just givin tickets.