Now it’s official, 80’s are hip. Family life too. Good, because Parks & Recs/Modern Family are getting more and more boring every episode – if actors are fed up with their characters, how could we not be? So any new stuff is welcome, like The Goldbergs are already mentioned here, set in the 80’s.

You got The Millers too: set in current time (no Freaks & Geeks clothes and colorset so) jokes are a bit expectable but there are nonetheless good lines served by good comedians (Gob Bluth/Devon Banks for one, not to mention Leon Black). It’s definitely not heavy heavy like Parks & Recs or Modern Family were when they started since the characters are much more conventionals. But, right now, it’s much better than these two and maybe it’ll be like Happy Endings in the end, improving over time. They already got the comedians and the writers, that’s not too far a stretch.

There are some other family-stuff related series being aired that I really don’t want to mention here (The Fosters? Seriously? – no, I wont even comment the pitch), just because I’m polite.

And there is Surviving Jack: set in the 80’s, with a famous comedian, and worthy of being so, as main character (Chris Keller/Elliot Stabler) suddently in charge of his son looking like a copy of Barry Goldberg. So far (only three episode aired, and I watched only one), only the main character seems to have any depth. But that’s still more interesting than recent Parks & Recs/Modern Family (I know, that’s harsh). Come on boys let’s do a shot There’s nothing else for us to do.