Ahoy! Long John Silver, does it ring a bell? It should, that’s a character from Stevenson’s Treasure Island. And such, that’s also the title of a french comics by Xavier Dorison and Mathieu Lauffray. He was quatermaster under Captain Flint and this comic is kind of a sequel -the authors wrote they’d humbly rather call this a tribute-, the story of this pirate going to South America to find hidden treasures. I haven’t read Robert Louis Stevenson since so many years. I nonetheless felt with odd nostalgy this same ambiance of mysteries, treasons and struggles with the sea or forest. That’s a must read.


So I was slightly disappointed it came to an end at tome IV, released during the second half of 2013. As such, Black Sails came as a good news – not a sequel but a TV-series prequel to Treasure Island. While being focused on the hunt of a treasure galleon, John Silver is there too, along with Flint real live and not as hearsay/legend. The general picture is consistent, there’s always something going on, that’s definitely good stuff. That’s a must see at the moment, at least if you like a bit of violence, dialogs, treasons and sex (but who doesn’t?).

Finally, I got Expeditions: Conquistador while it was on steam sale and had the good surprise to find the same keys ingredients: treasure hunt in an hostile environment with a team of moronic and fun lads and gals to deal with. Even though the game does not seems entirely bug free, even though sometimes I’m confused about the consistency of the difficulty (during fights, I tend to either get perfect success to total failure, not much middle ground), so far I enjoy the opportunity to play the Flint/Long John Silver somehow. So that’s a good buy, at least when it’s only sale.

Si l’histoire du Grand coureur a pu vous toucher le coeur, Ayez donc belles manières et payez-nous largement, Du vin, du rack, de la bière, et nous serons tous contents.