I tend to break glasses. I mean I don’t like to waste my time paying attention not to break glasses. And since I havent found any proper burl, I found two solutions.

For proper water/beer drinking or anything that is to be drunk by large amount, you want the Aperture double wall stainless steel pint. It keeps your drinks fresh and looks tremendously coolowy.

For wine drinking, you’ll be happy to find that you’re not stuck with christian/goth chalices. No, GSI Outdoors comes to the rescue with their stainless steel nesting wine goblet. That’s supposed to help you when you are trekking but that’ll work at home too. The form looks like INAO so even if it’s probably not the best depending on the wine you are serving right now (yes, right now), it’s generic enough so it could work decently with any wine. Unless you really want to have one type of glass per type of wine, that’s probably what you should be looking for.

This look like a cheap advertisement but that’s a friendly drinking advice. I’m not being paid to do this. But if anyone want to, he can pour me a pint/wine on the spot. Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye.