Yeah yeah, I’m getting silent these days when there is so much to say. So I’ll be lazy at hell and provide you with one more inconsistency. A one that I regularly catch on TV/movies/games.

Spies of Warsaw is nice mini-series depicting the dire situation of Poland just when WWII was about to erupt. It’s a fiction but the general historical context seems nonetheless properly described (maybe except for the main french character that has a typical englishman face, but whatever). And then, woossh, blam: a car explode. Why does a car exploded in the spy game, maybe because of explosives. That would make sense. But no. No, it just explodes because of a gasoil leak that caught fire. And then the whole car is blownup. Yes, like so often in movies.

Out of curiosity, writters and movies producers should try, for fun, to burn a real car, just to see how it goes. Because except for the tires (and now the airbags, being fireworks based), nothing has no explode in a regular car. It just burns (and I wont even comment on the fact that gasoil does not necessarily catch fire easily).