Following up my re-run of Simcity 4: Part I I created the city of Leffe, cheap, polluted with good cash flow; part II, I created Kriek, similarly to Leffe but using customs mods on a smaller area, generating a lot less cash, with a big unexpected commercial zone and perfect traffic conditions; part III, I created Meteor, on a small patch of land, focusing on agriculture, no pollution, actually generating more cash than Kriek with way fewer habitants, but with not much room for improvement; part IV, I made Fischer out of a small spot as a high level/wealthy/clean industries, commerces and housing town. Now with Skoll, the point will be to make a town similar to Fischer but on one of the a biggest area.


So I developed the town just like in did for Fischer, with specific taxation to accept only medium or high wealth citizens. It actually took a while to come to positive cash balance. But at some point it arrived, helped by extra new building like country club etc. I gave a try to an airport but it’s was too expensive to sustain. I replaced wind power plan by solar one, (+500 per month just doing that). And so I continued to expand.


I expanded on the whole map. Then waited a bit to benefit of the neverending growth. I reached a number of citizens comparable to Leffe but with a cash flow way superior (+10000 per month instead of +5000), no pollution and good public services everywhere.

2013-07-23_00012Next and final part of this replay will be using the last big spot of the region trying to make a city with many more residents and at least as much profits, trying to have every level of residents inside town, from poor to wealthy. Having it all!