I like History (side note: they stopped shipping COH2 in USSRRussia because it is said there that the game failed to mention the bravery of russian soldiers. For fuck sex, now I’m seriously pissed at Putin!) and I like booze. So I should like this new show called Drunk History in which drunken sailorsnarrators tell historical stuff.

Seriously that's completely off-topic for this article, but I'm pissed off about the COH2 issue, see?

But, really, that’s not that interesting. I just feel an emptiness. Just like if I were listening to a drunk without drinking a single drop myself.

Hum... No?

I mean, I’m not laughing, I’m not even smiling, I’m bored and it has not been even 10 minutes, even though comedian tried their best to be funny. Maybe history isn’t that funny. Well, in Plebs it is, but that’s not history, right. Right?

Too much in the art of conditioning, people weren’t made for packaging, he said.