The other day, I watched La Resa dei Conti (The Big Gundown), a movie about Corbett, a badass bounty hunter, searching for a rapist named Cuchillo, definitely a proper spaghetti western movie. The story is unsurprising but the film is two hours long and I did not get bored, so I guess it means something.

So I was somehow obviously led to watch Django Unchained. A tad late you may think: I was actually so annoyed by Inglourious Basterds (pointless scenario -please, if you want alternate history, watch Star Trek- and almost only annoyingly shitty actors – definitely proved that, in recent France history, only Jean Dujardin managed not to enact below international acting standards) that it took me time to allow myself to watch one more Tarantino movie, even though Reservoir Dogs is one of my favorite movies.  And I was positively surprised. It’s funny from the start. Plus it has Christof Walz – actually the only convincing comedian in the Inglourious Basterds.

Eventually, the story get a bit redundant. But the crap is properly cut and move fast to the confrontation with the “Candy” slaver and his obnoxious house slave Stephen. I’ve read a few articles of unhappy people: bla bla this is not realist, etc. Sure, probably not, there are probably a lot of historical inaccuracies to point out. Still, unlike Inglorious Basterds, the story isn’t pointless in my opinion: this confrontation between the rebel slave Django and the obnoxious collaborator Stephen, for instance, is curiously meaningful. It’s probably very stupid of me anyway to comment this movie now: I should have done that after its release or ten years later! So I’ll stop here, just recommending you to take a look at it, if you did not already because of the inglorious Inglorious Basterds. Rather drink muddy water, And sleep in a hollow log, Than to be in Atlanta, Treated like a dirty dog.