Following up my re-run of Simcity 4: Part I I created the city of Leffe, cheap, polluted with good cash flow; part II, I created Kriek, similarly to Leffe but using customs mods on a smaller area, generating a lot less cash, with a big unexpected commercial zone and perfect traffic conditions; part III, I created Meteor, on a small patch of land, focusing on agriculture, no pollution, actually generating more cash than Kriek with way fewer habitants, but with not much room for improvement. This time, in Fischer, I’ll focus on making a city for high level/wealthy/clean industries, commerces and housing. This should be a miniature test.


(yeah, this is the point where I change tense from future to past without any proper justification, like in the previous post on this topic!) The spot is small. I started from scratch with taxes level discouraging the poor to ever show his face here (not cool, bro). I put up a mix of low density, middle and heavy density zones, mostly residential but not only.


Soon enough, I came up with some kind of nice town. Even if the indicators seemed bad, it was due to my taxes policy regarding the poor. But the wealthy where on their way. I installed efficient public service. There was no traffic problem. Every quality of life indicator were up and rising. Just a tiny issue: I were not making any profit, quite the contrary. As I started the map in Easy mode, with lot of cash, it was not a big deal at this point, though.

So what? Well, I noticed I had quite a lot of medium wealth residents/business, so I modified a bit my taxes policy. And I focused on adding parks, improving school/highschool coverage, replaced the seemingly sufficient clinic by an hospital. I added city ordinances likely to make the place look better. And I noticed that year after year, I got more and more cash from taxes. I reached balanced budget… and waiting a bit more, I reached +1000 per year, so way more than previous cities of this size, and still growing year after year.


So I guess that’s kind of a success. Obviously, it would probably not as easy in hard mode (sounds like a pleonasm, but really the massive starting cash would make a difference here), or in an empty region.


In addition, I reviewed every cities built so far to add, to each, a few trains stations and intercity connections.