Remember The Hurt Locker? This was one of the, if not the, first film about war in Iraq. it focused on a bomb squad, not so sexy by definition. But the movie is great nonetheless – and according to wikipedia, nobody will me challenge about it, so I might as well just stop commenting it.

Since then Over There, that I already mentioned here, took up the challenge to bring to the TV the current conflict.


Now Bluestone 42 follow up on that, in Afghanistan, with a touch of delicate british (oxymoron, I know) humor. So far I’ve watched only two episodes (less than 30 minutes each). Obviously, this cannot be compared in term of realism to Over There. There was no Fallout-like sequence of Golden Gecko shooting in Over There, for instance.


It’s a sign, though, that these Iraq/Afghanistan wars are getting an acceptable subject of fiction. First a esthetic drama movie, then a realist drama series and now a drama comedy series… Soon the kids will harden, try to right from wrong, The cry of the legion, now a victory song.