I’m still replaying Simcity 4 – good replay value! In part I I created the city of Leffe, cheap, polluted with good cash flow. In part II, I created Kriek, similarly to Leffe but using customs mods on a smaller area, generating a lot less cash, with a big unexpected commercial zone and perfect traffic conditions. The third city, Meteor, will be a completely different thing: instead of going for polluting industry and (supposedly) easy money, I’ll focus on agriculture, on a small land patch (similar to Kriek).

Being quite satisfied with the trafic conditions on Kriek, I’ll reuse the same layout: avenue crossing the zones, frequent roundabout and toll both, one way streets for door to door access inside zones.


Obviously, with big agricultural areas, in a few minutes almost the whole map got occupied. I lowered farm taxes to incitate farmers to settle. I put almost only low density regarding housing and commercial zones. I did not put any garbage landfill but made contracts to export all the crap to Leffe and Kriek. I got the electricity (not much demand) with wind power plant.


Soon enough, Meteor made as much cash as Kriek, coming mostly from residential taxes, with not even 2000 citizens. I could have stopped here: the map was fully occupied and it was unlikely that I’d make more cash out of this place. But I decided to continue to see how life quality can be improved, since there is no public services (apart water and electricity) in the whole town.

First I added plenty of costly city ordinance improving quality of life/environment. It increased residential taxes by increasing the number of mid-wealth citizens, along with the expensive in government budget. These new citizens either work in the shops of the town or… in business in Leffe or Kriek. The city still makes cash comparably to Kriek.


Then I wanted to experiment a bit more. So I added public services: police and fire brigades, school and library, micromanaged to provide services according to the small demand. Obviously this had a bad impact on the finance and made the city just sustainable, not really profitable. The lack of high wealth jobs/business obviously limit this town. It could be improved if a city around provided such jobs, but Leffe provides polluting industry low level jobs and Kriek do the same plus a few middle level commercial jobs. So I stopped here.


I’d like to point out that the interaction between cities make actually quite interesting the opportunity to build a lot of small one, instead of an enormous one like in the original game.