Dexter is not really new but I thought I’d say a word about it. First season  was interestingly unconventional, at least regarding its pitch. Second seemed stupid at that time, with characters being overly simple and then annoying. Third and fourth was even worse, probably mainly because this Rita character: the lovely wife that never stop complaining about anything with a whinny slow childish voice without doing a single actual useful thing. I was so happy that they got rid of her. Season five was somehow fine: the show already hit rock bottom so, whatever, it could only be better, even if only slightly. Six got a bit better, seven even  more with of Titus Pullo as russian mobster.

Now season eight just began. So far, everything seems more or less expected. For instance, I think I caught the season’s plot at the begin of the second episode: there’s this psychiatrist with a german family name that surely will provide many explanations about Dexter himself and is surely to blame for the serial crimes happening at this time. Good for a ending season. Still unsurprising? Well, I must admit I’ve been caught off guard during the fourth episode. So maybe this ending season will be actually as refreshing as was the first? Shoot shoot, shoot him from the waist up, Satan is showing right trough his eyes, Make a menace on the tv-screen!