So I’m following on a my replay of this old Simcity 4. In part I I create the city of Leffe, cheap, polluted with good cash flow. The second city, Kriek, will be added next to it, on a basic smaller spot (no hills, no water).

The point of this city will be to make one more cheap town but using mods recommended on various websites. I’ll be using:

So I started creating a city. The NAM provides round-about for avenues, so I decided not only to put avenues like in Leffe as obligatory access way from zone to zone but to put them in the middle of zones. Like real life avenues. If the city was bigger, I’d have considered using avenues inside zones and using highway/freeway as access from zone to zone. Anyway, this map is small, so it’s looks like this.


I did not invested much in public services, focusing on making one more polluted easy cash city. Soon enough, I got offers from Leffe. I took their garbage for cash. Good thing. I also started to produce energy to sell; but that does not seem really worth it (not expensive enough):

Animated, click here!

I extended the city as much as possible. The traffic works fine, without obvious bottleneck. Obviously, since and change the road layout and started using NAM as the same time, it’s not clear whether this layout is really superior the one in Leffe, though.

Animated, click here!

Oddly enough, maybe due to the proximity of Leffe, that is mainly residential and industry, I had a lot of demand for commercial zoning. So as result, I get some commercial area with high land value and less industry than what I was going for initially, I was not entirely free to do whatever the frak I wanted.

Animated, click click click

So I end up with a town that makes not so much cash (+500 per month at most, while Leffe does something like +5000 easily), with a way smaller population (as expected considering the avaiable space) but nonetheless with almost as many commercial jobs than in Leffe.


So it’s not so easy to make a cheap crappy city, after all.