Simcity 4 Deluxe was published in 2010 but, really, it’s a game from 2003, shipped with the Rush Hour extension. That’s not really a problem here, where I already wrote an article about Civilization 1. Why now? The fact that there was no real good deal on steam summer sale made me bought this game, even though I played to it in 2003/2004.

I just thought I’d do a re-run of this old game, to see whether it’s still fun – with the extra added rule to never do any terraforming, because I think this just kills the purpose of a game (creating a city adapting to the circumstances) and no toying with the game speed (because then cash is unlimited as long as your balance is positive). And I give you this run re-run in a few articles.

(side note: to get the game in full widescreen, I added -f -CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080 as launch option)

So I picked Fairview as starting region. There I selected a big area, kind of flat, for an easy start where I’ll built Leffe. This will be a polluted cheap city, just in order to make cash, produce energy and crap. Just to get familiar with the game. As there is no other city in the region at this point, this city will have anyway to count only on itself for the raw production of energy, dealing with pollution.
Starting Leffe

So here we go (next gif): I started with three separated zones. Dense all of them, obviously with industry apart, to limit pollution impact. From the start, I put a big avenue for commuters from one zone to another – no direct way from zone to zone with small roads. I extended the industry, according to demands. Then I had some trouble to make benefits. I actually increased the taxes, without much success. And then I put toll both -which ones I really dislike in real life- on my avenues, specifically on the path with lot of traffic. Great, that helped a lot my treasury. Then I went on adding mass transit in the form of a subway / elevated rail. Then I added even more industry zones, plus a small residential one along the coast. And finally a port, still focused on industry.

So Leffe is self sufficient now, I’ll move another day to another town. This one makes lot of cash per month. As is a hellhole to live in, with minimal public services, no school except elementary, one hospital in total, most energy produce with gaz power plant. Air pollution is high, land value is damned low – as expected.

Next step with be to put an adjacent city to Leffe, as crappy but using a few added Mods to the game.

Come give your tomorrow!