The name of the show is unusual. But that’s just for starters. In the first seconds, you get a guy with heavy german accent having sex with a girl with odd french accent. Gunter Vogler is actually a sociopath, assuming his love for homicide. But he’ll soon nonetheless end up as (somehow troubled) police officer.

Bullet in the Face’s dialogs are well-written and comedians overly fitting. For now, there is only one season of 6 episodes. I’d recommend you watch them. Not lying, even though:

[Gunter Vogler to a kid] You shouldn’t trust anything anyone tells you.
Adults lie to kids all the time.

Politicians tell you, “Stay in school,” but they were poor students.

Priests tell you not to touch yourself, but they touch you.

Cops tell you not to use drugs but get drunk and crash their car into a special-needs school bus.

Apart from steam summer sales, what else could anyway get your attention?


Now the d and the a and the m, And the n and the a, And the t and the i-o-n