So that’s really it. The Office US is over, the grande finale just broadcasted. At first I thought I like the English original version more, but no, the US version grow up to something more subtile, way better. Sure, over the nine seasons, some weren’t so good. Michael Scott leaving was hard to replace, for instance. But they actually did something good of it, eventually.

Best man ever

Sadly, it began to be obvious that some actors we’re getting fed up with their roles, for instance Jim and Pam. I guess it must be hard to play for nine years long the kind of same dumb nice guy/girl, not really so resourceful as a Dwight or an Andy. Jim and Pam really started to look like they were playing Jim and Pam and that was getting boring or annoying. It was part of the story that they looked bored and they got that right. But, really, all these facial expressions overused by these two characters (like when they look at the camera moving their lips, eyes wide open), just like if they were completely out of the story, Are you havin’ a laugh kind of gimmick, were getting frankly boring.

Top notch advice
Well, a whole new world is waiting for all these guys that were involved into the Office US, I’m looking forward to see their future doings.