Today I considered publishing an article about Mr Selfridge and how Jeremy Piven, enacting the main character, looks alike Jean Dujardin, always showing his (bright) teeth. But then, don’t know why, I decided to talk about guns, just like if it was really a subject that matters.

I’m an all-time fan of Counter-Strike. I like FPS to be kind of tactical. I started playing to this one in LAN games, then played over the web with the 1.3 and shortly after the 1.5 and created a steam account just for the sake of moving to the 1.6. Years later, I wasted time with Counter-Strike:Source while my girlfriend was sleeping in bed. And nowadays I’m happily playing to Global Offensive. This game feels kind of realistic to me as there is no need for the opponent to fill your body with bullets to kill you, as when you die, you really no longer are a member of the team. Just a couple of bullets and the epitaph is written. Like in reality.

There is however a drawback in the series, I guess they did not fix it just to avoid messing with the gameplay, but that’s a thing I’d like to be changed though: in Counter-Strike, you aim with a colored crosshair in the middle of your screen. So you dont really *aim*. In Medal of Honor (Allied Assault? Dont remember the first I’ve played to but I think that’s it) you actually take the iron sight, with a distinct keystroke, before firing, otherwise you spray bullets everywhere but on your target. It may sound trivial (pressing a key, duh?) but anyone that fired a gun from a distance superior to, say, 7/10 meters will approve this. That being said, Medal of Honor series had its share of inconsistencies and feels way less realistic than Counter-Strike in multiplayer.

Then here comes Call of Duty. I already said what I think of this. In regards of today topic, the good thing in this game is, even if it’s not completely it, that when you take aim, the irons are clear and the target is kind of blurry. That’s how it should be if you are really firing a gun and know how to.

In 2012 was released Medal of Honor: Warfighter. In this one, not only you have the blurry target/clear iron sights, but tiniest movements of the hand when handling the guns seems to matter. Good.

So, at this point, what could be done to really mimic the behavior of a real gun in a videogame? I guess that, whenever you take aim, maybe you should have something like: pressing the relevant key means continuously pressing the trigger until fire is shot, while releasing the key would imply instantaneously going to the end of the course of the trigger and provoking the fire to be shot. This would probably add more salt to FPS, as shooting fast wouldn’t be just a matter of aiming, but also of managing the trigger, with the obvious choice of not managing it at all (immediate release of the key), clever in close-quarters, dumb at long range.

Well, let’s see if one day such an idea is picked up. He’s got a gun and it frightens me, a picture you thought that you’d never see that’s what she said, as would say Michael Scott.