Some TV series live fast. And, clearly, ought to die young.

Some start great. Modern Family is such. The latest season fails to make me laugh out loud (yes, this expression ought to die too, but it’s so 2000, how could I resist?) like the previous did. And I guess it’s hard to keep up. But The Office US and 30 Rock still do, even if some seasons weren’t so great, so I keep hoping for the best.

Some others start fine. And when it degrades, it can get tremendously awful. How I Met Your Mother is an example.  It’s obvious that even comedians are fed up with the character they enact. Please kill it. The only vague point to still watch this show is just to know who’s the whore this son of is talking about since the first episode.

But that’s not the point of this post. No. Quite the opposite. I thought posting something about Happy Endings when the show started. I postponed it because I noticed that, in each episode, there was something (topic, joke, etc) that seemed to directly copied and pasted from another show just released. I thought I could come up with a list of such copies, to highlight the lack of imagination of the show authors.

On You

The joke’s on me: I started to like the show. I think they actually improved it, making their kind of trendy-cheezy characters more consistent over episodes, allowing comedians to have fun with their characters. The anti HIMYM actually. Great, decline is not a fatality. Rumpa rumpa.