It’s hard, these days, to come up with a documentary about Word War II which actually makes you learn something. Right, the whole topic is complex and vast enough so specific subjects are infinite. But anyway, most of time, especially if you’re keen on contemporary history, even on quite specific subjects, you only learn a few things and see only rarely previously on-topic unseen images.

Not really innovative in it’s form UKTV´s Nazi Collaborators is definitely worth watching. There are many good ideas they clearly missed: not enough maps, not enough sources explicited, unclear whether plenty of images are on topic archives or just decorative. Nonetheless, the whole idea, that is to make episodes each one about a distinctive nazi collaborator from a secondary or minor power, makes for a very interesting result.

We all know that most defeated or annexed countries provided their share of collaborators. In France, for instance, we have enough of this kind to make the very valid distinction between collaborateur -someone who feels France should submit to Nazi Germany- and collaborationniste -someone who feels Nazi Germany is a model to follow. And, clearly, I haven’t learned much watching the episode about Pierre Laval or the other one about Rexism and Léon Degrelle. But I knew nothing beforehand of Dinko SakicVidkun Quisling or the Arajs Kommando – even if I was already familiar with the deeds of the Einsatzgruppen in the East. If you dont either, I strongly suggest you watch this series.

The carrots are cooked.