Ever watched MTV’s Awkward? As the name suggests, it’s about a pretty girl that get into tons of awkward situations. First of all, people got the idea that she made a suicide attempt and that’s enough to brand her as the ultimate high school creep. The show, with its Freak & Geeks alike ambiance (for instance: same kind of über-clever main character in love with a complete moron unable to publicly acknowledge his inclination toward her) is funny enough, even if it probably should have stopped after the first season, because everything was already done or told.

They call you Dick-Alma

Turn Me On, Dammit! (Få meg på, for faen) push awkwardness to a whole new level. The basic pitch is the same: a girl living in a nice area (no criminality, no evil whatsoever lurking around) that become an outcast due to a thing she did or people think she did (come on! you don’t want me to spoil a whole movie, do you?!). Plus she’s obsessed by sex. Somehow I enjoy this trend of stories about bored teenagers living in otherwise neat areas: the world does not have to be a very dark place to make interesting stories, people beside criminals/warriors may be interesting too. By the way, HBO’s Girls new season is planned for next January. Yeah. We’re just bored teenagers, Looking for love, Or should I say emotional rages….