I was advised to watch Homeland. So, as I’m definitely a good boy I actually did.

It took me a few minutes but, at some point, I realized this weird CIA woman was My So-Called Life‘s Angela (Claire Danes) I obviously had a crush on, in the 90’s (this raise the issue of how old I am getting and frankly I don’t even wanna know). Well, she was already, back in the days, a bit weird but only ah-ah weird. Not so sure in Homeland. Because Homeland is not really fun: it’s about terrorism, bearded muslims and that kind of things.

The main plot is about this war hero coming back from captivity. Enacting the hero, you get Band of Brother‘s Major Richard Winters (Damian Lewis), a hell of a hero too. Except that, this time, Angela suspects he’s been turned and now involved in a plot to kill USA vice-president.

I won’t spoil the whole first season while the second one just started the other day. I’d say the show is quite too slow paced for me. It’s not action based like Strike Back (which one got a main plot somehow alike – with David Harewood, seen before in the quite captivating Criminal Justice series, playing David Estes in Homeland, enacting tremendously well Colonel Tshuma there), it’s focused instead on the mental state of mains characters, like Carrie Mathison (Angela/Claire Danes), Nicholas Brody (Major Winters/Damian Lewis) and his family, deals with the many issues of being a POW and going back home. I’m not sure why but I was not completely convinced by the show: plenty of scenes seemed to me too unlikely or sensible to me to really enjoy it.

On the bright side, I liked the first episode of the second season (several interesting scenes, for instance about Brody’s daughter which is an interesting character) and finally realized that Homeland’s Saul Berenson was Rube Sofer/Mandel Patinkin in Dead Like Me, already in the role of some kind of substitute Dad, which makes me waffle-hungry. So I look forward watching the next episode, wondering what Brody, his daugther and Carrie will do. Make them mad, make them sad… ?