It’s quite sure you already heard about GTA IV or any other game of this franchise: open worlds with very directive quests, where you fight and drive around the town. Sleeping Dogs is quite the same, but refreshingly taking place in Hong-Kong. There are some improvements: mostly, your character develop skills depending of what you make him do, or wear. The enviroment however seems a bit less realistic (you can drive at full speed in the wrong way on the highway, people around just don’t care… they do not even blink) but it’s fun, lively, absorbing.

Yes, that is my criminal outfit and coppers loose sight of me each time

That being said, I’m beginning to find too easy to steal a car in front of thousand people, three time a day, with exotic clothing, and having no problem with the police or whatsoever, or even doing armed robbery driving my own personal car I’ve bought from a legit store and drive around days after days. Reality is obviously too boring for a game, but I think the experience of GTA-like could benefit of the following changes:

  • Why are there infinite police cars and policemen? Seems unrealistic just like in Payday: The Heist, if you start destroying around thousand of police cars and killing thousand of policemen, what kind of black magic makes thousand more come to your direction? No, in each sector, there should be defined number of patrol cars. Actually, policemen should be considered NPC, real unique characters. If a patrol car is partially or utterly destroyed, it should not be automatically replaced, it should take some time. This way, the city setup would way more realistic and consistantly alterable.
  • The counterpart of such change is that, in reality, you cannot happily run around gunning police cars. If you do, you get real response fast. You’ll get SWAT in the face and, before that, most coppers will anyway shoot you on sight and won’t give up the chase while you are still driving the same car and clothes. In GTA IV, it’s a bit the case already, it’s completely missed in Sleeping Dogs where you can with no difficulty at all ram police cars of the road, violently steal police cars, etc, and get away with it in a few sec.
  • Similarly, in real life, when a car is stolen, at some point it is reported as such (without driver at some point in the next 24h;  almost instantly when stolen after kicking the ass of the driver in a public place). When reported stolen, it should trigger police cars, not always but regularly enough; or, at least, when you are driving like a total ass in front of them. No specific need for a paintjob, but changing plates should be customary to avoid being chased at each corner.
  • After a shooting or anything involving dense police focus, the driven car should trigger police cars no matter what.
  • Obviously, you would not commit crimes with your own legit cars.

Karaoke in Hong-Kong: Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

This would not make the game much harder to play. You would still be able to have a laugh but it would just get more realistic: change ride whenever you behaved naughty; steal cars in order to commit crime and not just for the fun of it. Make sure you have expert timing, Kung Fu fighting had to be fast as lightning.