I will not present you the Counter-Strike franchise and won’t further mention the Source engine (yeah, just read the previous post!), seems pointless to me, I assume you are already familiar with it. If not, well, you really ought to do something about it.

No, I’ll just say that I barely remember the first time I played CS. I was sitting there in a dark room in a kind of lan-party (yeah, even before the whole geek/nolife concept was even imported here), playing as_oilrig, a map apparently no one liked beside me. I played a lot 1.5 version through WON. Then, at some point Steam was released and a few month later I created my account there in order to get 1.6 running. I also played Condition Zero ; but mainly on LAN, not really over the web – don’t akx me why, no clue, I don’t remember if there was any specific reason not to do so.

Then the Source version was released. Professional gamers stayed on 1.6 I’ve been told; but as I don’t even understand how gaming could be a profession, I guess that’s not really relevant to me. Anyway, I enjoyed this new release, especially maps like cs_office, de_chateau, de_piranesi and de_cbbl, maps with a lot of close-quarters (do I look to you as someone stoic enough to wait in a dark corner to kill opponents with a precise long distance shot ?).

Ain't it a bit queer?

So now Global Offensive is alive. I don’t see myself playing Source anymore, like I never played 1.6 anymore. It has the same touch and feel, at least enough similar to me. Here’s a short list of pros and cons:

  • Most of the servers limit team to 5 players, which IMHO encourages teamplay.
  • The Arms Race mode is quite fun, as an extended Gun Game (with all the range of weapons); but this mode is similar to the usual FPS experience and I wouldn’t play more than 2 or 3 matches in a row.
  • I just don’t understand the Demolition Mode: it’s a mix of Arms Race and usual defuse maps, played on very small defuse maps (shorttrain instead of de_train). First, I’m not actually fond of the maps. Fun maps, with choke points a feet away for the spawn, but the lack of alternative routes makes it very hard to outsmart skilled players. Then, I absolutely do not understand the fact that you are not rewarded for doing more than one kill per round: you get the next weapon just as if you did only one frag, with an extra nade, which is really not enough for me to break the routine. Moreover, there’s no real award for your team to win the round. It seems just pointless.
  • Plenty of maps are still missing. All the previously named here, apart cs_office.

I hope the good people of Valve will continue to improve the software like they do with TF2, cos’ Early in the morning, late at night, somebody seems to know just how this thing work’s right.