Yeah, I did. I rated Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol 80% on RT, same score I gave to Black Death, Gattaca or Ghost World. How come? Well, while I’m almost unable to rate anything 100% (that’s kind of too  definitive isnt it?), I do sometimes generously rate movies like this that havent in any way changed my life. It was not supposed to, so I think it’s only fair to rate movie with their purpose/claims in mind.

This movie begins with a story of a bad guy stealing nuclear weapon. WTF? Now bad guys do steal nuclear weapons? Really? How original! I never seen that already too many times in movies and video games, never. And, next, what about a sci-fi movie about hostile aliens, eh?

But apart from that, this impossible mission is actually well played, like late James Bond movies. It just makes for a good action movie while perfectly recreating the atmosphere of the original TV show that I’m not even ashamed to recognize that I watched numerous times when I was kid. Action scenes are vivid -lot of crashed cars, how great is that?- while somehow credible given the genre. The Hot Fuzz guy (Simon Pegg, wikipedia just told me) is quite funny, with his Stephan Merchant-like lines. I’d gladly watch a fifth episode, just like I always enjoy some banjos even it’s not absolutely brand new and original (shame about the article title but there are no lyrics you see).