The Big Bang Theory reminds me of The IT Crowd. Even if the main point is making fun of nerds, it won’t be really hilarious to the ones lacking decent geek culture references. Not for jocks. But, indeniably, this isn’t enough to make a great show over years and I feel the late seasons of The Big Bang Theory kind of lost it.

Albeit the main story feeling aimless, the show still succeeds however to finely portrait geeks, especially physicists. Watch the following scenes (from episodes: S03E16 The Excelsior Acquisition; S05E16 The Vacation Solution; S03E03 The Gothowitz Deviation)

Then, compares that to what Fluffeh wrote on /.  the other day, in reply to the article Faulty Cable To Blame For Superluminal Neutrino Results:

I am glad they went through the proper process of verifying all the hardware and have gotten to the bottom of this little fiasco – but wow, they have to be biting their lips in frustration.
I also expect a cable manufacturer is likely to be getting a strongly worded email in the near future.

Fascinating, isn’t it? You may even wonder whether it is the science community that influences the show or the opposite. Science is fun.