Surely you’re familiar with Frank Wrench. Whenever you need real police work, like in this case (exhibit A), you’ll want the rule abiding detective portrayed by Moses Taylor (exhibit B):

Producers of Alcatraz, TV series probably more inspired by Shutter Island than City Island, surely could benefit from Frank input. The blondish main police character, enacted by Sarah Jones, is quite incredibly unskilled. No wonder her partner was KIA, each episode, whenever possible, she does the worse job possible.

Ever asked to yourself how many bad guy Sarah Jones could really apprehend manu militari?

I’ll provide you with only one example (while pleasant, the show isn’t worth spending time to list all its inconsistencies) : does she have to drive to get to the latest known position of a kidnapper? She’ll make her car roar and drift when she arrives so the bad guy, still with a kid/hostage, know without any doubt that police is around. Actually, girls singing to Kylie trying to look sexy at Boothy’s house would be more plausible officers.

Side note: while posting this article, I found a top 200 of prison related movies. Worth looking at.