Not an easy task to make a show about crooks. The TV series Hou$e of Lie$ obviously attempt to do so, based on a book called How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time, which leave us with no profound doubt about its angle. I’ve only seen the Pilot (nothing else aired so far), so far I can tell it’s about about how a few rich guys get fat bonuses in an indebted America, helped by depraved consultants.

I do not really care about depravation, though, otherwise I surely would not have followed Queer As Folk. I’m not hostile to shows where bad guys are portrayed, I really like The Sopranos. I enjoyed Wall Street, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Thank You For Smoking. I’m not looking for Michael More kind of stuff.

Quite sure these girls and lads have interesting things to say

But this Hou$e of Lie$ (typo looks very mature) seems unclear to where it stands. It’s not that you cannot decide whether characters are good or evil, it’s not that everything is grey instead of black and white. There are no real moral issues, no real debate here: characters positions, aims, are quite obvious. But I just do not understand the point of most sequences. No suspense, no character consistency, it seems to me it’s just about cluelessly providing images (fast cars, whores, slippery CEO, etc) for people to hate or to envy. Actually, it’s like watching Spring Break on MTV: girls flashing boobs, etc, you can reprobate  while at the same time watch it with wide opened eyes. Pointless. Fake. Best to have a glass of water instead.