I already mentioned BSG here. Since I watched the four seasons of ~20 episodes, forty minutes each, I suppose there no need for me to point out that I had no time to watch anything else recently.

I switched over the one-season prequel named Caprica. It’s catchy, refreshing, entertaining. One main character, Zoe, for instance, is convincingly enacted by Alessandra Torresani that you may be familiar with as Ann Veal’s Arrested Development or even classier roles as below.

It gives insights about Cylons invention. However, characters traits are much too obvious. People at that time on Caprica were either good, evil or dumb fencewalkers. You have no Colonel Tigh, no Gaius Baltar, no Kara Thrace “Starbuck”, no Athena/Boomer Eight, no Felix Gaeta, no Cavil or any other ambivalent character. Moreover, one side, the obviously evil one, is driven by religious zeal; but it’s base theology seems a bit clumsy/simplistic to me. Unfit for four seasons, clearly.

I wonder what will look like Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome but a simple search on google image for Luke Pasqualino, comedian selected to enact William Adama, makes me truly chill already, especially if as said, what you see is what you get.

Update: Someone brought to my attention that, in fact, Alessandra Torresani played only once Ann Veal -and not on the youtube video provided here. Well, sure, they do not look alike so much, but what do I know?