For years, I enjoyed watching Star Trek, especially the Deep Space Nine series. To the neophyte, granted, it’s just a bunch a guys wearing pyjamas surrounded by poor special effects.

Picture of intel ads - what the frakking deal with jamas, frankly?

Well, sure, it’s no George Lucas stuff and I’m glad, because I never truly understood the later. If you take into account that George Lucas stuff is mostly about spectacular effects, now that these effects are outdated, what is to remember? It is an unavoidable landmark of geek culture, part of sci-fi cinema history. Okay. I just don’t care about it.

Star Trek is not about special effects. It’s mostly about relationships (human/human, male/female, human/alien, human/machine, etc) or science-fiction issues (time continuum, parallel universes and these kind of things, links between beliefs and knowledge) and, contrary to what some people that never watched may believe, these series are not action-based shows. Nothing in common with epic/peplum George Lucas movies – that just happen to happen in the future.

To the point: several times, I was hinted that Battlestar Galactica may be interesting. Dwight made the decisive point. I’m glad he did. I’ve just finish the first season (2004 series, not 1978 original ones) and I like it. I looks a bit like Star Trek with sex and with no über-clean/stable/clever/… main characters. No captain Jean-Louc Picard, no mystic/sanctified Benjamin Sisko, no logical Spock science officer. There, one main character is enacted by Edward James Olmos, same comedian that play the bad guy in the latest Dexter season while one doctor Gaius looks like DS9 doctor Bashir on pills, always try to frak some random girl, etc. In order not to spoil it for you, I won’t go further describing this show, apart that they use frak like others use frickin’, and that only is worth hearing as much as these guys and gals wearing jamas too.