If you pay just a little attention to video games, surely you heard about The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim. It’s a RPG so it’s time-consuming game. But you’re free to burn it when and only if you want to, as it is single-player. It was published by Bethesda Softworks which made the wunderbach Fallout New Vegas. To make it brief: you create a character and you travel in a fantasy world following quests, taking sides of whatever conflicts prexists, etc.

How about a nice little walk in the parc?

Cosy rendez-vous place, isn't it?

The world is gigantic, following the steps of Fallout New Vegas. You are free to travel wherever you wish, like in Fallout New Vegas or Risen – usually, it’s the level of the encounters that will hint you the reasonable course of action.

A city named Solitude, who would have thought?

Definitely not a city, but solitude still

There are cities of different kind, caves, forts, whatever. The world of Skyrim is vast with the obvious drawback that you may feel a bit lost in it. Sure, you’re provided with quests that leads you. But unlike in The Witcher (1 & 2), you have no real reason to expedite what is the obvious main quest. As there are so many others things to do that I would not want to miss and no direct obligation to proceed on the main quest, chances are I’ll do the main quest when all the gigantic map will be depleted in regard of side quests. So, sometimes, it looks a bit segmented, like if I was emptying of monsters halls/dungeons and leveling up as in Diablo I with no obvious overall purpose. Putting aside the main quest, surely alters the importance of it. There is a civil war going on, just like in The Witcher 2: do I feel compelled to take a side? Right, I am. But it apparently almost means dick: it looks like it can be reduced to a matter of uniform color. Is my destiny to kick some dragons ass, as I’ve been told? Well, okay, sure dude, but right now I’m just gonna mine silver ore in order to get some money to buy a mansion in the city of Solitude (yes, that’s the city name, not an allegory) where I’ll drink beer with my companions.

Yo dawg!

Yay, companions. Yo dawg! I’d like to say. They always watch me (I feel the love, yo), they mimic my every move even if they look like they wonder what the hell I’m up to. But they don’t talk much. Nothing about their life, no objection to whatever crap I’m getting involved into, no mood, no change of mood. I changed companion over time: The haircut of the girl changed but that is all. Sadly, it made no difference at all, as she wears a helmet. These companions won’t say a word and I cannot talk to them apart from telling them to carry some gear, clean the dishes and things like that. After playing Dragon Age (Origins & 2), it just feels so wrong: I want a divorce. Correct, you can marry a girl or a man – heterosexual or homo, as you wish, progressist much!

All the sex you will get in Skyrim

But the chosen one only purpose will be to wait for you at home (progressist not so much, after all) and that’s all. No talk and no sex, not even a quickie. I believe this contribute to the whole lack of unity I mentioned before: you’re stuck in the city of Solitude (yes, this time, it’s an allegory), even fellows travelers are not really contributing to your experience, they are just random John and Jane Doe with a name. C’mon, even in Baldur’s Gate, your companions were more lively, quitting your team if you were doing evil while they were good people, and vice versa, for instance.

She is a nice but slow, you know

I bought a horse. It is not very talkative but no less than my companion anyway. Funny thing: my companion is not allowed to ride one, so he’s a bit lagging behind. Note that my ride likes to play Portal and so does not believe in gravity:

Horse = 1, Newtown = 0

Hum, where did I parked my car?

I could go on, mention the fact that the interface, designed for consoles, is quite clumsy in some regards. So, is this game so bad?

Hum, methinks... I'll keep playing

Let me say I just pointed out annoying issues of the game, because I like it. There is room for improvement, but understand that I’m not finished playing, despite all these weaknesses.