Years ago, I was given Franquin’s Idées Noires but haven’t paid much attention to it. I enjoyed this guy productions when I was kid, Gaston and all. But, unlike the Smurfs or Tintin for instance, I found no new angle reading this stuff over years.

Seems to me these Franquin jokes were definitely best left behind. Lazy guy driving crappy car working with/under a nevrotic boss, plus the external contractor with big cigars, etc. Well, childish office jokes makes pale figure comparing to Ricky Gervais’s TV shows The Office UK or US.

But I’ve been told that these Idées Noires are not cut from the same cloth. It’s serious stuff, the one kind that could only be watched by an adult audience. Moreover, the graphics are quite different from his wide-audience works, I was told. At the end of the book, isn’t it there a quote from Sacha Guitry that states : “Lorsqu’après avoir lu une page d’Idées Noires de Franquin on ferme les yeux, l’obscurité qui suit est encore de Franquin”. So, here, we have a book that criticize death penalty, war and hunting that keeps thinking in depth this Sacha Guitry, kind of guy not really keen during WWII? Must be worthwhile.


Cut the crap, it’s not. Ok, hunting is bad, war is terrible, and death penalty makes no sense if the law absolutely forbid killing anyone. So? I guess any pre-teenager would agree. Not to mention the graphics: well, it’s black & white, but apart from that, there is absolutely nothing new. Not so quite a rebel. Very obsolete.