I don’t know whether it’s the booze or somethin’ else but Cosey’s Le voyage en Italie got me wondering and wandering the other day. I own this comic since 2002, as the sticker on the front cover “Prix de lancement, 36,08 F, valable jusqu’au 30 juin 2002” suggests but almost forgot about it since then.


The story depicts a couple of guys that went to ‘Nam like others are going to ‘Dad nowadays, how they cope about it afterwards. But it’s no Rambo story, there’s love involved too, thoughts about paternity (both ways, inheritance and passing over), trust and all this kind of grown-up crap.


It’s somehow (and IMHO) in the spirit of Jonathan Tropper’s Bush Falls (yes, I know -anachronism- this one was written years later, don’t get cocky). It’s quite touching actually, goes well with this Richard Thompson’s song.